Twyla Foreman

This native Texan is an accomplished singer/songwriter with a natural ability to do it ALL when it comes to performing!!

Twyla’s experience includes performing on television & stage. Years of studio experience recording lead vocals on 1000’s of albums, song writers demos, jingles, background vocals, and videos. Producer Michael Henry Martin adds, “Twyla has a great natural talent with distinctive style….she’s money in the bank.”

The vocal diversity of this artist and her natural ear allows Twyla to do many styles of music….you name it: Blues, Jazz, Pop, Country, R&B, and Gospel. Her soulful, edgy vocal stylings can be compared to those rootsie raw sounds of Bonnie Raitt, Nora Jones, Eva Cassidy.

Chris Harbach


People often ask me how I come up with a song. I have a hard time answering that question because each song starts uniquely and then develops its own world. A song might germinate as a thought that keeps adding to itself over time until I finally sit down and work it out. Or, a song might begin in a chord progression I find when I’m playing around on my guitar and I might write into the night until I finish it.

I wouldn’t say my songs write themselves but I would say they establish themselves quickly and their world becomes immutable from my perspective. Its almost impossible for me to return to a song and change it once I feel it finish. I just move onto the next one, not knowing where its going to start from but trusting there’s always another one there because my life is so full of experience and emotion. And I know that as long as I stick to the truth and don’t try to fabricate it, each song will find its finish and will work for me.



Travis is a Christian Songwriter and Evangelist that utilizes his God-given musical talents, as well as his lived experiences through mental illness to spread God's truth and grace through beautiful melodies with purposeful lyrics.

Travis write songs that reflect the real, honest struggles of Christians.

Sarmad Haddad

Guitarist Deluxe!


Bret Mullins

Carefree blonde hair tucked under a Stetson hat, an old guitar, and an easy grin are key elements of singer Bret Mullins’ signature look. David Ryan, host of the podcast “Southbound I-35,” nailed it when he described Bret’s sound as “a very strong, distinctive voice but with a certain familiarity.” San Antonio awarded Bret with the title “Best Country Band” in 2014. The 6’-3” singer has just released his second album, titled “Long Live A Country Song”. The steady rise in popularity and the full dance hall concerts seem to say that Bret Mullins is just getting started and that the country music scene can expect a whole lot more in the future.